Couple Therapy


Married life is not an easy task, sometimes love is not enough for a successful relationship. Although love was clothed in a romantic idealisation, typical of the infatuation stage, maintaining a long-term relationship requires a great effort of understanding each other, mutual respect, patience and adaptation to another.


The differences between views and habits, the misunderstandings, the routine and many other aspects can sometimes create problems which sometimes are ignored and other times end up in endless discussions, generating a snowball effect which lets the relationship become increasingly more tense and difficult.


Thus, they can fall into a cycle of distrust, anger or confusion, which lets the two members be gradually moving away from each other. It is therefore difficult to support one and another and give affection as each member of the couple may feels hurt and expects the other to begin the process of change.


When both members are in a crisis or are sliding towards one, a therapy may be helpful. In the psychotherapy sessions it will be found out in which state the couple is, in order to help the relationship, the necessary techniques in order to reach agreements and to facilitate cooperation and communication will be provided. This way the couple can find mutually satisfactory solutions.

Furthermore the sessions will allow to understand the other better, through better communication, within a framework of honesty in a functional and  health way.



The most frequent subjects which are treated:


  • Communication issues.
  • Sexuality.
  • Infidelity.
  • Resolution of Conflicts.
  • Management of emotions.
  • Loss of confidence.
  • Jealousy.
  • Emotional dependence.
  • Mediation in case of separation.
  • Divergence of points of views.


It is highly recommended that both parties are, whenever possible, present in the psychotherapy sessions. This prevents possible alliances between the therapist and one member of the couple. It also fosters cooperation and good climate, in which the therapist maintains a professional external and neutral position.


Couple therapy means three therapies in one: 1. the couple, 2. one of the members and 3. the other member. As mentioned is not only the couple treated but also individual aspects that can affect the relationship. Therefore it is required that the sessions have a duration of one hour and a half.




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