How I work


My therapies are based on constructivist psychology, which considers that each individual creates its own systems to understand their world and their experiences.


This type of psychology argues that there is no single truth or an objective reality and neither a "right" form to live, rather must each individual find the way that works out best for oneself. It is a therapy that does not judge the person, or tells the person what to do.


Individual sessions last one hour and couple therapies one hour and a half. The sessions are designed to find solutions to existing problems together, from an optimistic view of the human being, respecting the values, culture and beliefs of the patient.


Each therapy is personalised. Practical strategies to make small changes quickly and deep emotional aspects if necessary, are combined. For example, sometimes it may be important to explore family relationships or past events. Other times it may be sufficient to propose alternatives in respect to the living approach.


The cases are monitored in regular meetings with a team of psychologists, some with over 20 years of experience. All these cases are treated anonymously and confidentially this expands the resources and provides a high quality comprehensive care in all aspects.





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